Fix and Flip Financing

Fix and Flip Financing That Takes Care of Your Business’s Financial Health

Sometimes, house flipping can feel like you’re flying by the seat of your pants when it comes to capital. If you don’t have a reliable source of financing, you can run out of funds exactly when you need them the most, forcing you to take on a high-interest loan or other types of debt. At Plutus Commercial Funding, we help you avoid these issues with fix and flip financing that covers all of your needs from the very beginning. Protect your finances and maximize your profits with smart financing solutions.

Large Funding Amounts

We know that you need capital to purchase real estate and renovate the property. Unlike other lenders, we don’t make you jump through hoops to get the money you need. We provide generous financing that is approved quickly:

  • Large loans that scale with project size
  • Closing on real estate loans in 2–3 weeks max
  • Sizeable LTV ratio for property purchases — up to 85%
  • Hefty financing amount for renovation costs — up to 100%
  • Comfortable repayment terms
  • No prepayment penalties

Fix and Flip Financing for Project Surprises

With fix and flip financing, you can snap up great opportunities when they appear no matter the price tag. Get financing with wiggle room for unexpected needs. We also provide fix and flip lines of credit that are even more flexible for remodeling needs. Contact us right away to learn more.