Purchase Order Financing

Need Purchase Order Financing? You’ve Come to the Right Place

Here at Plutus Commercial Funding, we have a really great purchase order financing program that businesses often apply for when they need help paying suppliers and vendors. Through this program, you can increase your ability to purchase the presold merchandise you need to fulfill orders your customers have already paid for. When you get behind on paying your suppliers, you’re more likely to fall behind on order fulfillment as well. This can frustrate your customers and cause them to go to your competitors for their future product needs.

To remove this worry and make sure you keep your customers and your suppliers happy, consider taking advantage of our purchase order financing program when you need it. You can also ask us about our letters of credit for certain transactions and trade purchases.

Benefits of Our Program

This program can offer you a variety of benefits once you’re approved. Some of these benefits include:

  • Capacity to fulfill customer orders on time (even large or unexpected orders)
  • Ability to expand your market share
  • Fast and reliable funding
  • Opportunity to grow your business

If you have limited or poor cash flow, please don’t let that keep you from applying. We frequently approve businesses that other lenders have already turned down. Don’t wait to ask us about our purchase order financing options. Contact us today and we’ll help you apply right away so you can get the funding you need in minimal time.