3 Tips for Finding Business Funding

Whether you’re starting a new business or purchasing a portion of an existing one, finding funding to support your dream can be tough. Not many people have enough liquidity to purchase or start a business entirely from their own pocket, which means you have to find a reliable funding source to help cover the costs.

In this post, you’ll read about a few tips to help you find and secure the right type of funding for your next business venture.

1. Use Commercial Brokers

You need capital to start or purchase a business. However, with all the different types of loans and funding options out there, it can be difficult to know which path is right for you. Working with commercial finance brokers makes the process easier.

They typically offer many different types of loans, but they specialize in business lending. You can work with your broker to assess your needs and find the right type of loan — or loans — to fit your situation.

2. Participate in Contests

This is a significantly less traditional approach to securing funding, but, for some people, it works. Many small business associations across the country are taking notes from shows like Shark Tank and allowing entrepreneurs to pitch ideas. A winner receives some much-needed capital and a little brand recognition too.

Check out your local small business association or other economic development organizations and see if they’re hosting any such contests in your area. If nothing else, it’s an opportunity to get your idea in front of some influential people in your community.

3. Find an Incubator

Small business incubators are a growing trend across the U.S., especially in larger cities or areas that are fueled by local businesses. The idea of an incubator is to provide a space with the resources new business owners need to get their idea off the ground or to expand an existing business.

For example, if you just purchase a portion of a business and have some control over its operations, you might want to make changes. You can take your ideas to an incubator to access more advanced resources and see if those changes would work in your new business model.

Securing funding to start a new business or purchase a portion of an existing business can be overwhelming. Use these three tips to explore your options, both traditional and modern, and choose the option that best fits your needs.