Seven Jobs You Should Outsource

Every small business owner should consider outsourcing specific tasks. You have a limited number of hours in a day, and your time is better spent establishing your business. Contract employees or companies focus on responsibilities that you may not have the time to complete. Here are the top seven jobs you should outsource.

 1 Accounting Support Staff

Properly maintained books are critical to managing a successful business. A bookkeeper handles your accounts receivable and payable. They pay bills on time and send customers invoices. They also categorize expenses for tax purposes. This labor-investive job is important for your company, and the tasks should not be taken lightly.

2 Computer Technician

Building a secure network protects the integrity of your customer information. Interview and contract a professional information technology company. Their team establishes your network, firewall, and file sharing. They make sure your workstations operate smoothly and often provide remote support.

3 Human Resources Associate

A human resources professional is important when you are ready to hire for your small business. Contracted workers research and recommend benefits packages. They post job openings, coordinate interviews, and manage employment contracts. A valuable human resources company ensures that your company adheres to federal and state employment guidelines.

4 Event Manager

Event planners manage grand opening events or investor meetings according to your specifications. They also manage the behind-the-scenes operation during the event. You focus on the operation of your business while the organizer coordinates:

  • Event venue
  • Food catering
  • Decorations
  • Audiovisual setup and teardown
  • Children’s entertainment

5 Web Designer

A dynamic website and social media presence are critical for the success of your business. A designer takes your ideas and designs a comprehensive, customer-friendly page. Great designers make it easy for you to upload your content into the structure but are available if you need assistance or updates. Review and update your website annually.

6 Security Professional

Security looks different based on your business model. You may only need a few cameras capturing footage around your facility. Alternatively, you may require full-scale safety patrol with remote monitoring. A professional security system protects your company’s assets and ensures legal compliance.

7 Receptionist

Small business owners don’t want to miss any phone calls. Outsourced reception services make sure your calls are answered by a professional. They transfer calls and take messages. These services are available part- or full-time.

Successful business owners recognize that they cannot get it all down by themselves. You need to find resources to help focus on your primary responsibilities. Outsourced professionals are a great addition to your team.